Patterson pharmacy was started in 1988 by Scott Patterson out of Clay Center, Kansas. After the success of his Clay Center branch he opened an additional pharmacy in downtown Abilene. In 2008 Patterson’s merged with Key Rexall in Salina. He acquired Lincoln pharmacy in Lincoln, Kansas in 2015. Each pharmacy continues to offer the highest quality pharmaceutical needs and personalized care. Your health and well being are very important to us. Allow us to be your hometown pharmacy!

Meet our Pharmacists!

Cameron Mooney - Abilene, KS

Laura Squires-Clay Center, KS

Roxanna Martin-Clay Center, Ks

Carrie Lane-Clay Center, Ks

Ashlee Wallace-Clay Center, Ks

Andrew Brown-Abilene, Ks

T. Lee Gruen-Abilene, KS

Dick Purdue-Lincoln, Ks

April Coover-Lincoln, Ks

Cori Durall-Salina, Ks

Fred Trawny-Salina, Ks

Roxanne Kimminau-Salina, KS

Emily Newquist-Salina, Ks

Garrett Zweygardt-Salina, Ks